Life Science Investment Opportunities

Life sciences are companies in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technology, nutraceuticals, and medical devices.

A lot of medical companies are at different stages of development, from early stage to clinical trials. However, unlike other industries, life science is truly global in its outlook.

Property Investment Opportunities

Blackriver have access to properties off-market, from nursing homes, primary care centres, hotels and residential housing. All our commercial and residential properties are specifically designed to qualify under the IIP program or standard investments. The structure can be designed to suit the purpose.

Healthcare Investment Opportunities

The Healthcare sector is made up of many different industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to devices, each industry has different advantages and risks, investments in this sector are affected by many variables and current trends. However the medical industry is always changing and advancing with new companies being established every year, with huge breakthroughs each year, there is always a project for you to invest.

Immigrant Investment Programme (IIP)

Blackriver Capital Investments specialises in enabling Irish businesses and entrepreneurs to discover and realise the possibilities of raising finance under the Immigrant Investment Programme (IIP).

Enterprise and Endowment Investment

Blackriver Capital Investments also offers a range of enterprise and endowment opportunities aimed at the seasoned investor.

Blackriver Capital Investments

The bridge between high-return business opportunities and professional investment

The Blackriver team work hard to create investment strategies for clients that perfectly match their requirements, these include immigration, enterprise, fund and endowment options. We do not pick and choose one particular option as they appear, instead, we feel our partners should have the option to choose what best suits their client’s needs and to have the options available to them.

Latest Events and Investment Opportunities

New York Investors Forum 12th December 2018

New York Investors Forum 12th December 2018

The New York Investors Forum is an event exclusively aimed at the direct Investor. No agents, no attorneys, no investment managers. Just a presentation for investors to highlight the investment opportunities in the best up and coming life science and medical sector...

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